I used to use Wunderlist a lot, and switched to Microsoft To-Do because of the “My Day” feature, which is absolutely great. Since To-Do is based off the purchase of Wunderlist by MSFT, I was wondering why they lost so many features on the way. One of them, that I really missed, is the Wunderlist plugin, to create tasks directly from Outlook.

I recently discovered that To-Do is actually using Exchange Tasks as its back-end, which is why porting it takes so much time. This also means that creating tasks from Outlook’s Inbox is actually a fairly easy thing!

Option 1 - Quick-Step

If your Outlook inbox is on the same Microsoft account as your To-Do, then the simplest thing is to create a quick-step and select “Create a task with the content of the message”.

Option 2 - Logic-App

EDIT: Just noticed that help actually mentions that solution. I still prefer mine because it’s flattening the content :)

If your Outlook inbox and your To-Do are on different Microsoft accounts (say, one is work and the other one is your personal Office 365), then you can use a Logic App that will create an Exchange task when you flag an email in your inbox. This is very straight forward, and uses the Office Logic-App connectors: