I’m a software product guy with an engineering background and a strong focus on implementation strategy: process, team structure and architecture. I am very good at providing solutions that are solving the actual root-cause of the problem, while being logical in regard to the functional, technical and organizational structures. I live and work in Vancouver BC.

What I do at work

Serving the teams I manage the best I can, providing them with a stable environment for them to do the best they can.

Understand the actual problem the product is trying to resolve. Find business justifications and leverage strategy to take informed decisions. Design and prioritize depending on actual budget. Gain knowledge of the solution with hands on level.

Always advocate for separation of concerns and decoupling, for iterating from basic to specific need, for applying engineering principles.

Fix root causes rather than symptoms. Militate to resolve constraints rather than work around them. Automate.

Make sure that we: finish tasks before starting new ones, work on small batches, and focus on planned activities.

Reduce the lead-time by following these principles.

Job History

MediaValet, Vancouver BC – Since Dec. 2013 – Digital asset management company

Accenture, Paris – Jan. 2007 to Aug. 2013 – Consulting in public transit systems.

Project/Product Management/Solution Architecture Experience

At MediaValet Since Dec’13, Software Development Manager for the development of the SaaS core-product, hosted on Microsoft Azure. Organized product development flow using lean & kanban, continuous integration, daily live deliveries. Prioritize work using business value. Recruited & managed 20+ developers on and offshore. Lead and coach developers.

At Accenture From Aug’11 to Aug’13, managed a management-consulting project for Paris Transit Authority, doing the solution architecture to define their future fare system (equivalent to Compass). Led the solution architecture for a project to be built during the next 4 years, estimated to $480M. Defined the organizational structure for implementation and operation. Drove the client relation and business development effort, signed 8 extensions to the initial contract.

At Accenture From Apr’10 to Jul’11, lead solution architect for the transformation of an Accenture “on premise” solution into a SaaS platform. Led functional analysis and technical design. Supervised agile scrum delivery. Developed a few proof of concepts in C# and cool technologies such as CEP and BRMS.

Software Engineering Experience

At Accenture, From Jul’08 to Mar’10, integration lead for Toronto’s PRESTO Card System, overseeing a team of about 10 persons. Designed and participated to implementation using BizTalk and C#.

At Accenture, From Jan’07 to Jun’08, integration developer then integration lead for Netherlands Nationwide fare-card system, using BizTalk and C#.

Earlier, C# software engineer for financial analysts (5 months) at Credit Agricole (Large French Bank). C# engineer at the Engineering school R&D Lab (1.5 year)

I am

Bilingual French / English. Balanced between business and technology. Personable. Pragmatic. Excellent at conceptualizing. Systemically organized. Precisely understanding people’s needs. Hands-on with technology.

I Believe In

Concision. Separation of concerns. Simple, organic solutions. Natural processes. Clean architecture. Smart people. Self-organizing teams.


2002-2007 - Master’s degree of Engineering, EPITA, Paris. Majored in Systems & Software Engineering. Graduated with Highest Honours.

Passions & Hobbies

Instructor to skiers with disability with VASS. Certified with the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiers and Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance.

Backcountry skiing. Mountain Biking. Hiking. Sailing. Fencing. Reading.

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Download my resume: though I prefer keeping it short, some people prefer it long.